Loving Homes for Plastics


Sea animals, oceans, and recycling facilities all hate plastic. But giant companies like Coke and Pepsi still produce billions and billions of them every year. But why? Our best guess is that they just really, really love plastic more than anyone. And maybe that means they’d be so happy if we sent them back all their favorite plastic bottles!

Introducing Loving Homes For Plastic, a revolutionary new program that uses the power of the USPS to help bring unrecyclable plastic bottles back to the loving homes that birthed them. Recycling facilities don’t want them. Third world countries don’t want them. Maybe these unwanted bottles will finally end up in a better home than a landfill or ocean.

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Here's how to use our prepaid postage stickers:

Here's how to use our prepaid postage stickers:
1. Place either a Giant Red Corp or Giant Blue Corp prepaid postage sticker on a clean empty plastic bottle made by Coke or Pepsi (see full list of their brands below).

2. Place the labeled bottle in any USPS mailbox.

3. The bottle will actually be mailed to the corporate address on the sticker. And yes USPS totally allows this. People even mail coconuts from Hawaii. Just don’t be a jerk and throw dirty garbage in the mail. Clean and empty the bottle first.