From barber shops, to coffee shops, to tattoo shops, to sex shops, we get tons of requests from all kinds of great businesses that want to carry Liquid Death to murder thirst and plastic.

The problem is, it doesn’t make sense for most of these small shops to order from our large distributors to get better volume pricing.

So we are testing out a new program called Death Peddlers where we will “sponsor” select indie shops who purchase cases of Liquid Death from Amazon or their local supermarket to carry in their businesses. We’ll pay a quarterly volume-based sponsorship fee to help offset the few bucks more per case to buy it at full retail.

Also, by being a part of our Death Peddlers program, we’ll incentivize some of our best shops with free shit like concert tickets, merch, and promoting them on our social channels that now reach several million people.

Here’s the perks of being a Death Peddler:

Self-fulfill through Amazon or your local grocery store if there’s no distributor in your area and receive a sponsorship bonus from us to offset costs.

Get exposure to our cult of Liquid Death fans through our store finder and massive social media presence.

Earn rewards for you and your staff like merch, concert tickets and more.

Help bring death to plastic by switching to infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

Apply to become a Death Peddler today.