Do you love collecting severed heads and being a part of fancy exclusive clubs?

You can do both with Murder Head Death Club. Hold one of our 6,666 Murder Heads and you’re entitled to VIP benefits like exclusive items and special pricing on merch no other human on the planet can get. Connect your wallet to unlock them now.

Exclusive items Special Pricing
Exclusive items Special Pricing

Murder Made - Community Crafted Products

Murder Heads don't just make you instantly fancy and special, they also come with the power to make almost anything you want using it's IP. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Legal Jargon: 'Murder Made' products are sold directly by community members. Supplying Demand Inc. is neither the merchant nor vendor of 'Murder Made' products.  All inquiries should be directed to the specific community member and their respective e-commerce platforms. Supplying Demand Inc. is not responsible for the product, delivery, or return & exchange policies.