About Us

Yes, Liquid Death is a real product. And you can actually buy it by clicking here.

The company was founded by an advertising industry outcast & former liquor entrepreneur (Mike Cessario), a heavy metal bartender (Pat Cook), a manufacturing expert & spreadsheet slayer (JR Riggins), and the creator of a famous adult cartoon about a lovable demonic dog (Will Carsola). And most recently, we also added Science Inc to our team, the startup flamethrower that helped launch Dollar Shave Club.

We started Liquid Death with the diabolical plan to completely obliterate bottled water marketing clichés by taking the world’s healthiest beverage and making it just as funny and stupid and entertaining as the unhealthy brands across energy drinks, soda, and beer. Also, plastic water bottles are shit. But aluminum cans are far and away the most sustainable beverage container by virtually every measure. #DeathToPlastic

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